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This page is devoted to my doctoral recital performed and recorded on March 11, 2016 at Northwestern University. The recording and editing was done by Grayson Elliott Taylor. The show features pieces that can act as stand-alone works, or that can be incorporated into an hour-length show as shown in the audio track just below. You can also listen to the separated tracks below the names of the pieces and performers.



Tethergrowl for baritone saxophone (2016)

Thomas Snydacker, baritone saxophone


Ich ruf zu dir (I call to thee) for guitar and piano (2015-16)

Jesse Langen, guitar; Mabel Kwan, piano


Ich ruf zu dir Herr Jesu Christ in miniature for piccolo, bass flute, and toy piano (2015) 

Meret Bitticks, piccolo; Shanna Gutierrez, bass flute; Mabel Kwan, toy piano


Three movements from Kinetic Suite, duo for flutes, toy piano, and gong tree (2015-16)

Courante, Cadenza, Coda / Marble Machines / Follow the Leader Sarabande 

Shanna Gutierrez, piccolo, C flute, and gong tree; Mabel Kwan, toy piano and gong tree, a sound sculpture by Michael O’Brien


Caprice for violin (2013)

Ellen McSweeney, violin


Sand Dancer (2015-16)

Tristan Bruns, sand dancer, choreographer


Wind-Up Prelude (2016)

Meret Bitticks, piccolo; Shanna Gutierrez, alto flute; Mabel Kwan, gong tree, Michael O'Brien, sculptor


Automaton and Proud Hoofer for tap dancer (2015-16)

Tristan Bruns, tap dancer, choreographer


Ritornello for string quartet (2015)

Ellen McSweeney, violin; Myra Hinrichs, violin; Carrie Frey, viola; Helen Newby, cello


Hellbusker for electric bass guitar (2015-16)

Scott Carter Thunes, electric bass guitar


Cześć Hyła for baritone saxophone, alto flute, bass flute, and flock of chirping bird whistles (2015-16)

Thomas Snydacker, baritone saxophone; Meret Bitticks, alto flute; Shanna Gutierrez, bass flute. 

All performers and a few extra friends return to the stage with bird whistles, created by Adam Stager, mechanical engineer