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Welcome. Here are a few words to help you navigate this site. If you are looking for third person, professional bios, please navigate to the bios or curriculum vitae links in the menu or contact me.

Entries on my blog page are devoted to posts about my doctoral recital which occurred on March 11, 2016, and entries about the creative process with performers, artists, and inventors with whom I have had the great fortune to collaborate. The evening-length, non-stop show was recorded and the full audio, separated tracks, and program can be found here.

The concert featured pieces for traditional chamber ensembles such as a violin solo and string quartet and slowly transformed towards performers and instrumentations not usually seen on the art music stage. The more unusual acts include a piece for a rare antique 37-key Michelsonne toy piano (sounds like this), sound sculpture and multiple sizes of flutes, a three-movement work for a tap dancer which starts on sand and moves to raucous hoofing in the tap dancing tradition, an electric bass guitar solo, and finally a piece for baritone saxophone, low flutes, and an entire flock of chirping bird whistles invented by a mechanical engineer. If you click on the watch page link, you'll see video and audio excerpts showcasing rehearsals, the collaborative process, and a few pieces from the concert. My colleagues and collaborators can be found in my blog posts, on the concert page, and on the links page.  

Thanks very much for stopping by, and stay tuned!

– C.O'B