composer • educator

Welcome. Here are a few words to help you navigate this site. If you are looking for third person, professional bios, please navigate to the bios or curriculum vitae links in the menu or contact me.

Entries on my blog page are devoted to posts about influences and works-in-progress and multi-disciplinary shows past and future. An example of an evening-length, non-stop show took place in 2016, was recorded and filmed, and the full audio, separated tracks, and program can be found here.

This 2017-18 season, I am composing and documenting my current work-in-progress, Spin, which is an evening-length work for several musicians, sound-sculptures, and vintage musical toys. The genre is a tricky one to pinpoint, but for now I call it experimental theater. Is there a word for art music, meets sculpture and visual spectacle, meets poetry and a hands-on, post-concert exploratory museum? The influences are too many to name here. I start to talk about it in this blog entry if you are curious. For what it's worth, I prefer to leave the labeling for my collaborators and an audience after they have experienced the playground for themselves. I look forward to that with all my heart.

Thanks very much for stopping by, and stay tuned!

– C.O'B